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Tissue culture of Enkianthus quinqueflorus Lour.

  title={Tissue culture of Enkianthus quinqueflorus Lour.},
  author={Yan Jianfen and Liu Xingyao and Zhang Shouzhou and Huang Yunxiang},
The rapid propagation of Enkianthus quinqueflouus Lour.had been established by using shoot-tip or stem with auxiliary buds as explants.The modified B5 medium as basal medium was optimum for callus induction.The callus induction rate was up to 100% cultured on B5 medium with 1 mg L-1 2,4-D.The adventitious buds were induced on B5 medium supplemented with 1~2 mg L-1BA+0.1~0.5 mg L-1 NAA.Propagation coefficient was the highest when adventitious buds were subcultured on modified B5+1 mg L-1 BA+0.5…