Tissue-conserving surgery for prognosis, treatment, and function preservation.

  title={Tissue-conserving surgery for prognosis, treatment, and function preservation.},
  author={David E. Schuller and C M Bier-Laning and Pramod Kumar Sharma and Ronald J. Siegle and Arthur E. Pellegrini and Boris I Karanfilov and G Bellisari and Robert Charles Miller and Donn C. Young},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={108 11 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVES To describe an approach based on initial tissue-conserving surgery used to obtain histologically determined prognostic information that has therapeutic implications and the potential to enhance preservation of function. STUDY DESIGN Analysis of a group of patients with head and neck cancer treated initially with tissue-conserving surgery based on Mohs' histographic sectioning and selected neck dissection to derive histologically determined prognostic information with therapeutic… CONTINUE READING