Tissue ablation by a free-electron laser tuned to the amide II band

  title={Tissue ablation by a free-electron laser tuned to the amide II band},
  author={Glenn Edwards and Regan Logan and Michael Copeland and Lou Reinisch and Jeffrey Davidson and Bruce Johnson and Robert J. Maciunas and Marcus H. Mendenhall and Robert H. Ossoff and Jerri Tribble and Jay A Werkhaven and Denis O'Day},
EFFORTS to ablate soft tissue with conventional lasers have been limited by collateral damage and by concern over potential photochemical effects1–5. Motivated by the thermal-confinement model6, past infrared investigations targeted the OH-stretch mode of water with fast pulses from lasers emitting near 3,000 nm (refs 1, 7–9). What does a free-electron laser offer for the investigation of tissue ablation? Operating at non-photochemical single-photon energies, these infrared sources can produce… CONTINUE READING

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