Tissue Adhesives for Laceration Repair During Sporting Events

  title={Tissue Adhesives for Laceration Repair During Sporting Events},
  author={James V. Quinn and James Kissick},
  journal={Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine},
Physicians covering sporting events are often required to repair lacerations. Traditionally these lacerations have been sutured. Some of these lacerations may be closed with a tissue adhesive. Tissue adhesives have been available for many years. The benefits and potential problems of these substances are discussed as well as proper wound selection and application. 
Bioactive Cyanoacrylate-Based Filling Material for Bone Defects in Dental Applications
The results indicate that the novel β-TCP/Histoacryl® compounds have the potential to serve as filling materials for bone defects in the dental field.
Dressing and Securement of Peripheral Arterial Catheters: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial
The purpose of this research was to provide evidence of the effectiveness of novel dressing/securement technologies to prevent catheter failure in peripheral arterial catheters in a larger research setting, and determine initial effectiveness of one dressing and two securement methods.
Empleo del alquilcianoacrilatos en suturas quirúrgicas
Este trabajo es continuacion de una serie de 3 articulos del mismo tema, pero con aplicacion en campos diversos de la cirugia. El uso de los monomeros cianoacrilicos en medicina ha tomado cada vez
Are chicken embryos endotherms or ectotherms? A laboratory exercise integrating concepts in thermoregulation and metabolism.
This investigative laboratory exercise uses the different relations between ambient temperature and metabolic rate in endotherms and ectotherms as a core concept to answer the following question:
The strong-inference protocol: not just for grant proposals.
The strong-inference protocol encourages thorough planning, enhances the efficiency of experimental designs, and increases the power of statistical analysis by explicitly stating a priori predictions as well as the statistical methods that will be used to test them.
The Use of Dietary Supplements and Medications by Canadian Athletes at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games
Widespread use of supplements is demonstrated among Canadian athletes at both the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games, combined with an absence of evidence of their efficacy and a concern for the possibility of “inadvertent” doping, underscore the need for appropriately focused educational initiatives.