Tiny LSH for Content-Based Copied Video Detection


The widespread use of the broadband network has seen the realization of a new video service infrastructure. Although there are promising business opportunities, the infringement of copyrighted videos increases the importance of copyright-infringement detection methods. The technical challenge involves the vastness of the video data. In this paper, we propose a content-based copied video detection method which has a constant retrieval time linked to the size of the video data. Experimental results show its accuracy and short retrieval time on altered video data.

DOI: 10.1109/SAINT.2008.21

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@article{Yoshida2008TinyLF, title={Tiny LSH for Content-Based Copied Video Detection}, author={Kenichi Yoshida and Noboru Murabayashi}, journal={2008 International Symposium on Applications and the Internet}, year={2008}, pages={89-95} }