Tinea pedis — a penalty of civilization A sample survey of rural and urban population

  title={Tinea pedis — a penalty of civilization A sample survey of rural and urban population},
  author={L. K. Bhutani and L. Mohapatra and K. Kandhari},
Untersuchungen von Land‐ und Stadtbewohnern in Indien zeigten, daß Tinae pedis auf dem Lande praktisch nicht vorkommt, jedoch bei‐3 % der Stadtbewohner. Die Schuhe spielen dabei eine große Rolle. Die Pilze können anscheinend zwischen den Zehen verschieden lang verweilen, ohne dort klinische Erscheinungen zu verursachen. 
The descriptive epidemiology of tinea pedis in the community
Empirical studies have focused on occupational groups involving manual labour, sporting groups such as swimmers, and those working or living in confined conditions with shared washing facilities, which favour the opportunity for crossinfection. Expand
Analyse Liber das Vorkommen mykotischer, durch Epidermophyton floccosum (Harz) Langeron et Milochevitch (1930) hervor‐gerufener Infektionen während der letzten 20 Jahre *
In dieser Arbeit wird eine Analyse über das Vorkommen der Epidermophyton floc‐cosum‐Infektionen in der Slowakei während der Jahre 1953–1972 vorgelegt. Es werden einige klinisch‐epidemiologischeExpand
A review of the epidemiology of tinea unguium in the community
Tinea unguium is a common, chronic fungal infection of the nails that is infrequent but definitely found in children and is likely to increase further without adequate prevention and treatment. Expand
Tinea pedis observed in Cagliari, Italy, between 1996 and 2000
Stressing the high frequency of tinea pedis in this region, the discovery of a dermatophytic infection of the feet with an absence of signs and symptoms is an exceptional event. Expand
A study of 3891 cases of mycoses in the tropics.
This group formed 50% of total mycoses or 13-93% of all dermatoses recorded in the Government General Hospital, Madras, during the period of study, and female predominated in all mycose but candidiasis. Expand
Apport d'une technique de biologie moléculaire (ONYCHODIA®, Bioadvance) dans le diagnostic biologique des onychomycoses
Les onychomycoses sont des pathologies frequemment rencontrees en dermatologie, representant jusqu'a 50% des onychopathies. Leur prevalence est en constante augmentation depuis quelques annees. LesExpand


Studies in the epidemiology of tinea pedis. 8. Fungal infection in a long-stay hospital.
This paper aims to provide a history of psychometric testing in the clinic and some examples of its use in clinical practice show the need for further investigation into the role of cortisol in the development of major depressive disorder. Expand
The subject will be arranged under the following headings. Nomenclature and Classification: Bringing out the attitude of the taxonomist and the bearing it has on the selection of an appropriate nameExpand
Tinea Pedis in Adolescence
In dermatitis the endogenous causes most frequently disregarded are systemic drugs and an area of primary dermatitis elsewhere, and for potential exogenous irritants the order of investigation should be: parasites, hobbies, work and previous treatment. Expand
Cultures from the Skin of apparently Normal Feet.
It was suspected by some observers that the fungi of the trichophyton and epidermophyton groups might be more or less normal inhabitants of the human skin and that their occurrence in the inflammatory conditions above mentioned might be accidental in the same sense that the occurrence of various staphylococci and other organisms in these lesions is accidental. Expand
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