Tinea altaica sp. nov. and new records of some small moths from the Russian Altai (Lepidoptera: Meessiidae, Tineidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae, Glyphipterigidae: Acrolepiinae)

  title={Tinea altaica sp. nov. and new records of some small moths from the Russian Altai (Lepidoptera: Meessiidae, Tineidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae, Glyphipterigidae: Acrolepiinae)},
  author={Reinhard Gaedike and Jan {\vS}umpich},
  journal={Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae},
The paper summarizes the results of our study of selected Microlepidoptera families (Meessiidae, Tineidae, Douglasiidae, Epermeniidae, Glyphi­pterigidae: Acrolepiinae) collected in the Russian Altai. Tinea altaica sp. nov. is described from the vicinity of Tashanta on the Russian-Mongolian border and from Mongolia. The new species distantly resembles Tinea semifulvella Haworth, 1828 and T. semifulvelloides Petersen, 1973. The up to now unknown females of Klimeschia biarmatella Budashkin, 2003… 

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