Timor-Leste’s foreign policy approach to the Timor Sea disputes: pipeline or pipe dream?

  title={Timor-Leste’s foreign policy approach to the Timor Sea disputes: pipeline or pipe dream?},
  author={Rebecca Strating},
  journal={Australian Journal of International Affairs},
  pages={259 - 283}
  • Rebecca Strating
  • Published 4 May 2017
  • Political Science
  • Australian Journal of International Affairs
ABSTRACT Over recent years, Australia and Timor-Leste’s bilateral relationship has been consumed by contested maritime boundary claims in the resource-rich Timor Sea. Intractable disagreements over the right to build a petroleum export pipeline have led Timor-Leste to reinvigorate its pursuit of permanent maritime boundaries as ‘a national priority’. This article examines Timor-Leste’s interests in the Timor Sea and assesses its strategies for achieving its foreign policy goals. It argues that… 
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