Timing of X-chromosome inactivation in postimplantation mouse embryos.

  title={Timing of X-chromosome inactivation in postimplantation mouse embryos.},
  author={Sohaila Rastan},
  journal={Journal of embryology and experimental morphology},
  • Sohaila Rastan
  • Published 1982 in Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
The onset of X-chromosome inactivation was investigated cytologically in postimplantation female mouse embryos of age 5£, 6\ and 1\ days post-coitum (d.p.c.) and in the isolated epiblasts of 6 d.p.c. embryos before primitive streak formation using a heat/hypotonic technique to reveal the inactive X chromosome by differentially dark staining with Giemsa. The results indicate that X inactivation has taken place in all the cells of the so-called ' undifferentiated' epiblast by 6 d.p.c. before… CONTINUE READING