Timing and characteristics of neoproterozoic magmatism in SW-Gabon

  title={Timing and characteristics of neoproterozoic magmatism in SW-Gabon},
  author={Denis Thi{\'e}blemont and Jean-Pierre Prian and Jean-Christian Goujou and Bruno Boulingui Boulingui and Hugues Ekhoga and Aubin Brice Kassadou and Serge Simo Ndounze and Ambrose Walemba and Alain Pr{\'e}at and Karel Theunissen and Alain Cocherie and Catherine Guerrot},
New field, petrographical, geochemical (major and trace element analyses) and geochronological (U/Pb zircon ages) data were obtained in the course of a mapping project financed by the European Union (Sysmin Funds) and by the Gabonese Republic. They enable precise constraints to be placed on the timing and characteristics of the Neoproterozoic evolution of SW-Gabon. The studied terrains lie at the northwestern end of the West Congo Belt. They are attributed to the West Congolian Group; the upper… CONTINUE READING