Timestamp removal for panorama video surveillance


This paper presents a fast algorithm to locate and remove overlaid video timestamps for panorama video surveillance. The timestamp removal for panorama video surveillance is a challenge research problem because it allows a very short processing time and it requires to recovery the covered objects. And the existing general object localization methods cannot localize the timestamp reliably and the existing object removal methods cannot remove timestamps with high visual scene consistence. For the timestamp localization, this paper customizes the existing method of localizing digital video clocks. For timestamp removal this paper proposes a fast and novel procedure. Its fast speed is because it employs a fast image registration method mainly by fusing the PTZ camera motion estimation and global histogram-based image matching. Then it recoveries the pixels covered by timestamps by using a temporal-neighbor pixel recovery method. The extensive experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can remove a timestamp within 2 seconds and the recovered frames are visually consistent with the real scene.

DOI: 10.1145/2808492.2808544

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