Time warps

  title={Time warps},
  author={Steven S. Gubser},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • S. Gubser
  • Published 30 December 2008
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
I reconsider asymmetrically warped compactifications, in which time and space have different warp factors. I call such compactifications time warps if the bulk geometry has neither entropy nor temperature. I provide an example starting from an asymptotically AdS5 spacetime where the speed of light, measured in a fixed coordinate system, is larger near the boundary than it is deep in the interior. This example follows the general plan of earlier work on superconducting black holes. To obtain a… 
Graviton propagation in an asymmetric warped background: Lorentz violation and the null energy condition
A bstractThe graviton propagation in an asymmetric background is studied. The background is a configuration in the six-dimensional Salam-Sezgin model, in which a 3-form H-field turned on [JHEP0910
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The compactification of 6 dimensional Salam-Sezgin model in the presence of 3-form flux H is investigated. We find a torus topology for this compactification with two cusps which are the places of
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We present a brief review of our recent work [1] on asymmetrically warped brane models, where the background metric is characterized by different time and space warp factors. In particular we examine
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A bstractWe reconsider Lorentz Violation (LV) at the fundamental level. We argue that Lorentz Violation is intimately connected with gravity and that LV couplings in QFT must always be fields in a
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A bstractThe derivation of Lifshitz-invariant hydrodynamics from holography, presented in [1] is generalized to arbitrary hyperscaling violating Lifshitz scaling theories with an unbroken U(1)
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In analogy with an experimental setup used in liquid helium, we use a pointlike probe to study superfluids which have a gravity dual. In the gravity description, the probe is represented by a hanging
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String theoretic bounds on Lorentz violating warped compactification
We consider warped compactifications that solve the 10 dimensional supergravity equations of motion at a point, stabilize the position of a D3-brane world, and admit a warp factor that violates
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In a variant of the Randall-Sundrum braneworld model which has a charged black hole in an anti-de Sitter bulk, the 4D speed of gravity depends upon one's location in the bulk, and in general differs
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Cerenkov radiation, photon decay and photo-production of electron-positron pairs. We show that the parameter plane for cubic momentum terms in the dispersion relations is constrained to an order
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