Time-varying pattern of recurrence risk for gastric cancer patients.

  title={Time-varying pattern of recurrence risk for gastric cancer patients.},
  author={Xing-yu Feng and Ying-Bo Chen and Wei Wang and Yuan-xiang Guan and Yuan-fang Li and Shi Chen and Xiaowei Sun and Wei Li and Da-zhi Xu and You-qing Zhan and Xiao-shi Zhang and Zhiwei Zhou},
  journal={Medical oncology},
  volume={30 2},
This study analyzed the time-varying pattern of the recurrence risk for gastric cancer after surgery. A total of 1,222 gastric patients undergoing D2 resection surgery were studied retrospectively. The annual recurrence hazard curve for all of the populations showed one early peak and a late rise within 10 years after the surgery. The first major recurrence peak covers the first 3 years after the surgery, rising to a maximum at 1.5 years after surgery, followed by a decline until 7.5 years… CONTINUE READING