Time to take health economics seriously—medical education in the United Kingdom

  • Vageesh Jain
  • Published 2016 in Perspectives on medical education


In the UK, the General Medical Council clearly stipulates that upon completion of training, medical students should be able to discuss the principles underlying the development of health and health service policy, including issues relating to health economics. With the National Health Service facing the threat of large gaps in funding, there is pressure on doctors to identify where and how savings can be made. Whilst many may be keen to learn about health economics, the teaching environment and level of student knowledge differs considerably across medical schools in the UK. There is a compelling argument to suggest that key concepts such as economic evaluation, equity and priority-setting should form part of the curriculum in UK medical schools. To address the complex nature of modern health care problems, doctors must have a perspective that combines medical expertise with economic proficiency.

DOI: 10.1007/s40037-015-0238-0

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