Time to pregnancy among women occupationally exposed to lead.

  title={Time to pregnancy among women occupationally exposed to lead.},
  author={Markku Sallm{\'e}n and Ahti Anttila and M L Lindbohm and P Pentti Kyyr{\"o}nen and Helena Taskinen and Kari Hemminki},
  journal={Journal of occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={37 8},
A retrospective time-to-pregnancy study was conducted among women biologically monitored for exposure to lead. The women were participants of a previous study on spontaneous abortion. They were classified into exposure categories on the basis of questionnaire information, and individual blood lead (B-Pb) measurements. The adjusted incidence density ratios (IDR) of clinically recognized pregnancies were .93 (95% confidence interval [CI] .56 to 1.57) for very low (B-Pb < .5 mumol/L), .84 (CI .48… CONTINUE READING