Time to pregnancy among the wives of men exposed to organic solvents.

  title={Time to pregnancy among the wives of men exposed to organic solvents.},
  author={Markku Sallm{\'e}n and M L Lindbohm and Ahti Anttila and P Pentti Kyyr{\"o}nen and Helena Taskinen and Erkki Nykyri and Kari Hemminki},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={55 1},
OBJECTIVES To assess whether paternal exposure to organic solvents is associated with decreased fertility. METHODS A retrospective time to pregnancy study was conducted among men biologically monitored for organic solvents. The workers were classified into exposure categories on the basis of work description and the use of solvents as reported in the questionnaires, and on biological exposure measurements. The relative fecundability density ratios (FDR--an analogue of incidence density ratio… CONTINUE READING
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