Time-to-pregnancy among male greenhouse workers.

  title={Time-to-pregnancy among male greenhouse workers.},
  author={Reini W. Bretveld and Species Kik and Mari{\"e}tte Hooiveld and Iris A L M van Rooij and Gerhard A. Zielhuis and Nel Roeleveld},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={65 3},
OBJECTIVES Fertility problems are an increasing public health issue in industrialised countries. Exposure to exogenous agents with endocrine disrupting properties, such as some pesticides, are potential risk factors for subfertility. The aim of this study was to determine whether time-to-pregnancy (TTP) is prolonged in male greenhouse workers exposed to pesticides in comparison with a non-exposed reference group. METHODS Data were collected through self-administrated questionnaires with… CONTINUE READING

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