Time to death and mast cell degranulation in fatal asthma.

  title={Time to death and mast cell degranulation in fatal asthma.},
  author={John G Elliot and Michael J Abramson and Olaf Heino Drummer and E. Haydn Walters and Alan L. James},
  volume={14 6},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Attacks of fatal asthma have been shown to be either of short duration or long duration and associated with differing degrees of smooth muscle contraction, luminal mucus deposition and ratios of eosinophils to neutrophils in the airway wall. We hypothesized that this bimodal distribution might be related to airway mast cell degranulation. METHODS Airway sections from cases of fatal asthma in the second Victorian asthma mortality study and from cases coming to coronial… CONTINUE READING

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