Time-slotted FMCW MIMO ISAR with Compressive Sensing image reconstruction

  title={Time-slotted FMCW MIMO ISAR with Compressive Sensing image reconstruction},
  author={Alessio Bacci and Elisa Giusti and Sonia Tomei and Marco Martorella and Fabrizio Berizzi},
  journal={2015 3rd International Workshop on Compressed Sensing Theory and its Applications to Radar, Sonar and Remote Sensing (CoSeRa)},
Compressive Sensing (CS) has been proven as an effective tool to reconstruct ISAR images from incomplete data. This capability is exploited in this paper to reconstruct images from gapped data which emulate the data received in a MIMO system, in which the transmitted signals are orthogonal. The proposed architecture can be exploited in the design of a MIMO… CONTINUE READING