Time simulation of the nonlinear wave–particle interaction in meters-long traveling-wave tubes

  title={Time simulation of the nonlinear wave–particle interaction in meters-long traveling-wave tubes},
  author={Damien F. G. Minenna and Khalil Aliane and Yves Elskens and Alexandre Poy'e and Fr'ed'eric Andr'e and Jerome Puech and Fabrice Doveil},
  journal={Physics of Plasmas},
Time simulation of the nonlinear wave-particle interaction in meters long traveling-wave tubes Damien F. G. Minenna, 2, 3, 4 Khalil Aliane, 3, 4 Yves Elskens, a) Alexandre Poyé, Frédéric André, Jérôme Puech, and Fabrice Doveil CEA, DAM, DIF, F-91297 Arpajon, France Centre National d’Études Spatiales, F-31401 Toulouse, France Thales AVS/MIS, 78140 Vélizy, France Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, PIIM UMR 7345, F-13397 Marseille, France 


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