Time series: data analysis and theory [Book Review]


A key ingredient to copyright protection , digital watermarking provides a solution to the illegal copying of material. It also has broader uses in recording and electronic transaction tracking. This book explains " the principles underlying digital water-marking technologies, describes the requirements that have given rise to them, and discusses the diverse ends to which these technologies are being applied. " [book notes] The authors are extensively experienced in digital watermarking technologies. Cox recently joined the NEC Research Institute after a five-year stint at AT&T Bell Labs. Miller's interest began at AT&T Bell Labs in 1979. He also is employed at NEC. Bloom is a researcher in digital watermarking at the Sarnoff Corporation. His acquaintance with the field began at Signafy, Inc. and continued through his em-L Review of the underlying principles of watermarking relevant for image , video, and audio; L Discussion of a wide variety of applications , theoretical principles, detection and embedding concepts, and key properties; L Examination of copyright protection and other applications; L Presentation of a series of detailed examples that illustrate watermarking concepts and practices; L Appendix, in print and on the Web, containing the source code for the examples; L Comprehensive glossary of terms. " The authors provide a comprehensive overview of digital water-marking, rife with detailed examples and grounded within strong theoretical framework. Digital Watermarking will serve as a valuable introduction as well as a useful reference for those engaged in the field. The contributing authors to this comprehensive book on data fusion are all recognized leaders in the field. The book is designed to serve a broad community, from researcher, through system designer, implementer, or student. The book features: L An introduction covering fusion terminology and models; L A presentation of advanced tech-Time Series: Data Analysis and Theory. David R. Brillinger. Philadel-phia, PA: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2001, 540 pp. $59 (paperback). Intended for students and researchers , this text employs basic techniques of univariate and multivariate statistics for the analysis of time series and signals. It covers a broad collection of theorems. The techniques are illustrated by data analyses and are discussed both heuristically and formally to serve both the applied and the theoretical worker. The book is number 36 in the Classics in Applied Mathematics collection that comprises (with one exception) titles that were allowed to go out of print. These titles have been repub-lished by SIAM …

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