Time reversal applied to large MISO-OFDM systems

  title={Time reversal applied to large MISO-OFDM systems},
  author={Thierry Dubois and Maryline H{\'e}lard and Matthieu Crussi{\`e}re and Issam Maaz},
  journal={2013 IEEE 24th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)},
In this paper we study the Time Reversal (TR) technique in a large MISO-OFDM system. This technique has been proven to provide good beamforming gains at a price of a channel estimation availability at the transmitter side. Moreover, the greater the number of transmit antennas, the better the spatial and temporal focusing gains, which makes TR a good candidate for large MISO systems while keeping a low complexity. The capacity of the system and the bit error rate (BER) performances are first… CONTINUE READING