Time-resolved vacuum Rabi oscillations in a quantum-dot–nanocavity system

  title={Time-resolved vacuum Rabi oscillations in a quantum-dot–nanocavity system},
  author={Kazuhiro Kuruma and Yuichi Ota and Masahiro Kakuda and Satoshi Iwamoto and Yasuhiko Arakawa},
  • Kazuhiro Kuruma, Yuichi Ota, +2 authors Yasuhiko Arakawa
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • We report time-domain observation of vacuum Rabi oscillations in a single quantum dot strongly coupled to a nanocavity under incoherent optical carrier injection. We realize a photonic crystal nanocavity with a very high quality factor of >80,000 and employ it to clearly resolve the ultrafast vacuum Rabi oscillations by simple photoluminescence-based experiments. We found that the time-domain vacuum Rabi oscillations were largely modified when changing the pump wavelength and intensity, even… CONTINUE READING

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