Time-resolved experimental study of carrier lifetime in GaN epilayers

  title={Time-resolved experimental study of carrier lifetime in GaN epilayers},
  author={Jūras Mickevi{\vc}ius and Michael S. Shur and R. S. Qhalid Fareed and Jian Ping Zhang and Remigijus Gaska and Gintautas Tamulaitis},
Time-resolved photoluminescence and light-induced transient grating measurements of GaN epilayers show that the photoluminescence decay can be described by two coupled exponential terms and that carrier mobility and lifetime in GaN epilayers are correlated within the model which accounts for nonradiative carrier recombination predominantly at dislocations. The obtained results demonstrate that migration-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MEMOCVD™) allows for growth of high-quality… CONTINUE READING