Time-resolved assembly of cluster-in-cluster {Ag₁₂}-in-{W₇₆} polyoxometalates under supramolecular control.


We report the time-resolved supramolecular assembly of a series of nanoscale polyoxometalate clusters (from the same one-pot reaction) of the form: [H(10+m)Ag18Cl(Te3W38O134)2]n, where n=1 and m=0 for compound 1 (after 4 days), n=2 and m=3 for compound 2 (after 10 days), and n=∞ and m=5 for compound 3 (after 14 days). The reaction is based upon the self… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/anie.201402932

3 Figures and Tables


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