Time-r esolved Langmuir Probing of a New Lanthanum Hexaboride ( LaB 6 ) Hollow Cathode IEPC-2011-245

  title={Time-r esolved Langmuir Probing of a New Lanthanum Hexaboride ( LaB 6 ) Hollow Cathode IEPC-2011-245},
  author={Kimberly R. Trent and Michael S. McDonald and Robert B. Lobbia and Alec D. Gallimore},
A new laboratory model lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) hollow cathode sized for a 20 A HET discharge has been developed. The cathode design is based on previous highcurrent LaB6 cathodes. The cathode’s heating element, which is used to bring the insert to thermionic emission temperatures, is usually the most likely to break down. In this new LaB6 cathode, the heater has been redesigned to address various fail mechanisms such as the fusion of the heating element to other critical elements of the… CONTINUE READING


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