Time-optimal paths for a Dubins airplane

  title={Time-optimal paths for a Dubins airplane},
  author={H. R. Chitsaz and S. LaValle},
  journal={2007 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control},
  • H. R. Chitsaz, S. LaValle
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2007 46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • We consider finding a time-optimal trajectory for an airplane from some starting point and orientation to some final point and orientation. Our model extends the Dubins car by L.E. Dubins (1957) to have altitude, which leads to Dubins airplane. We assume that the system has independent bounded control over the altitude velocity as well as the turning rate in the plane. Through the use of the Pontryagin Maximum Principle, we characterize the time-optimal trajectories for the system. They are… CONTINUE READING
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