Time of life as it is in LiFeAs

  title={Time of life as it is in LiFeAs},
  author={Alexander A. Kordyuk and Volodymyr B. Zabolotnyy and D. V. Evtushinsky and T. K. Kim and Igor V. Morozov and Miodrag L. Kuli{\'c} and Rolf Follath and G{\"u}nter Behr and Bernd Buechner and Sergey V. Borisenko},
The time of life of fermionic quasiparticles, the distribution of which in the momentum-energy space can be measured by angle resolved photoemission (ARPES), is the first quantity to look for fingerprints of interaction responsible for the superconducting pairing. Such an approach has been recently used for superconducting cuprates, but its direct application to pnictides was not possible due to essential three-dimensionality of the electronic band structure and magnetic ordering. Here, we…