Time of arrival in the presence of interactions

  title={Time of arrival in the presence of interactions},
  author={Juan Miguel. Ram{\'i}rez Le{\'o}n and Josep Julve and Paulo F Pitanga and F. J. de Urries Imaffcsic and Departamento de F'isica and Universidad Aut'onoma de Madrid and Ufrj and Inst. de Astrof'isica de Canarias and University of Padova and Universidad de Alcala},
We introduce a formalism for the calculation of the time of arrival t at a space point for particles traveling through interacting media. We develop a general formulation that employs quantum canonical transformations from the free to the interacting cases to compute t in the context of the positive-operator-valued measures. We then compute the probability distribution in the times of arrival at a point for particles that have undergone reflection, transmission or tunneling off finite potential… CONTINUE READING