Time-evolution of photoluminescence properties of ZnO/MgO core/shell quantum dots

  title={Time-evolution of photoluminescence properties of ZnO/MgO core/shell quantum dots},
  author={Debasis Bera and Lei Qian and Paul H. Holloway},
In situ and ex situ time-evolution of photoluminescence data during growth of ZnO/MgO core/shell quantum dots (Qdots) were used to study the stability of the green–white (CIE: 0.32, 0.41) luminescence from ZnO defects. The ZnO/MgO Qdots, synthesized by a sol–gel process, exhibited a quantum yield of 13% compared with less than 5% for ZnO Qdots. The growth of ZnO Qdots was arrested and the defect emission was stabilized by formation of the MgO shell. UV–Vis absorption data verified the quantum… CONTINUE READING


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