Time-domain analog-to-digital converters with domino delay lines

  title={Time-domain analog-to-digital converters with domino delay lines},
  author={Chang-Ming Lai and Yi-Chung Chen and Po-Chiun Huang},
  journal={2013 International Symposium onVLSI Design, Automation, and Test (VLSI-DAT)},
A time-domain analog-to-digital (ADC) based on a domino delay line for high-speed applications is presented. The structure is mainly built on digital blocks and is compatible with digital nanometer processes. The domino delay line consists of enhanced delay units and parallel reset for reducing the propagation delay. Dual-mode operation including a Nyquist mode and a sigma-delta modulation (SDM) mode can be provided by different processing of residue phases. Furthermore, a digital calibration… CONTINUE READING