Time-dependent hierarchical regulation analysis: deciphering cellular adaptation.

  title={Time-dependent hierarchical regulation analysis: deciphering cellular adaptation.},
  author={Frank J. Bruggeman and JJ De Haan and Heather A Hardin and Jildau Bouwman and Sergio Rossell and Karen van Eunen and Barbara M. Bakker and Hans V. Westerhoff},
  journal={Systems biology},
  volume={153 5},
Cells adapt to changes in their environment by the concerted action of many different regulatory mechanisms. Examples of such mechanisms are feedback inhibition by intermediates of metabolism, covalent modification of enzymes and changes in the abundance of mRNAs and proteins. These mechanisms act in parallel at different levels in the cellular hierarchy while regulating a single process. Existing hierarchical regulation analysis determines the relative importance of these mechanisms when the… CONTINUE READING

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