Time-dependent and time-integrated angular analysis of B ! ’ K

  title={Time-dependent and time-integrated angular analysis of B ! ’ K},
  author={Bernadette Aubert and Mikl{\'o}s B{\'o}na and Y. Karyotakis and J. P. Lees and V. Poireau and Elisabetta Prencipe and Xavier Prudent and Vincent Tisserand and Jordi Garra Tico and Eugeni Grauges and L. L{\'o}pez and Preema Rennee Pais and Mario Pappagallo and Gerald Eigen and Bjarne Stugu and Lingfen Sun and Gordon S. Abrams and Marco Battaglia and David Norvil Brown and Robert Cahn and R. G. Jacobsen and Leroy T. Kerth and Yu. G. Kolomensky and G. Lynch and Ilya Leonidovich Osipenkov and M. T. Ronan and Kerstin Tackmann and Tatsuhiko Tanabe and Christopher Hawkes and Neetika Soni and T. Allmendinger and Hans Koch and Tamara Vazquez Schroeder and David Ian Walker and D. J. Asgeirsson and Bryan Gregory Fulsom and Christopher Hearty and Thomas S. Mattison and Yu. I. Skovpen and Martin Barrett and B. A. Petersen and V. E. Blinov and A. D. Bukin and Aleksey Buzykaev and V. P. Druzhinin and Vladimir B. Golubev and Walter R. Innes and S. I. Serednyakov and E. P. Solodov and K. Yu. 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Study of the penguin-dominated decay B0 s - K 0K 0 at LHCb


First observation of the decay $ B_s^0\to \phi \overline{K}{*^0} $

R. Aaij, C. Abellan Beteta, +497 authors A. Schopper
  • 2013