Time dependent Faraday rotation

  title={Time dependent Faraday rotation},
  author={Zhyrair S. Gevorkian and Vladimir Gasparian and Josh Lofy},
  journal={Laser Physics},
Faraday rotation in a magnetoactive medium with time dependent dielectric permittivity tensor is analyzed through both its diagonal and non-diagonal elements. Continuous and pulse incident laser field cases are considered. In a continuous case linear increasing of Faraday rotation angle with time is obtained. In the continuous laser field case Faraday angle of rotation in both time dependent diagonal and non-diagonal element cases shows an increase with periodic oscillations as either positive… 

Faraday and Kerr Effects in Right and Left-Handed Films and Layered Materials

Abstract In the present work, we study the rotations of the polarization of light propagating in right and left-handed films and layered structures. Through the use of complex values representing the



Time-dependent effects in Faraday rotation in pulsed magnetic fields: an explanation.

This work proposes an experimental situation where a time lag should appear, allowing measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation time of the ion responsible for the Faraday rotation, and shows that this effect is an artifact introduced by using a passive resistance-capacitance circuit to integrate the induced electromotive force from a pickup coil to obtain the magnetic field.

Ultrafast time-resolved faraday rotation in EuO thin films.

The photoinduced magnetization is found to be increased in a transient manner, accompanied with subsequent demagnetization, and the realization of the transient collective ordering is attributable to the enhancement of the f-d exchange interaction.

Precise measurements of Faraday rotation using ac magnetic fields

We discuss several important issues concerning the use of a lock-in amplifier and the experimental procedure that need to be addressed to obtain accurate measurements of the Faraday rotation using ac

Enhanced Faraday rotation in hybrid magneto-optical metamaterial structure of bismuth-substituted-iron-garnet with embedded-gold-wires

We propose an alternative class of magneto-optical metamaterials offering enhanced angle of rotation in polarization compared to pure magneto-optical materials. In this approach, the permittivity

Highly spin-polarized carrier dynamics and ultralarge photoinduced magnetization in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite thin films.

This work highlights the potential of CH3NH3PbI3 as a new candidate for ultrafast spin switches in spintronics applications and elucidates the electron spin relaxation lifetime to be ∼7 ps and that of the hole is ∼1 ps through a simple two-level model.

A simple experiment for determining Verdet constants using alternating current magnetic fields

A simple experiment suitable for a senior undergraduate and graduate laboratory on the measurement of Faraday rotation using ac magnetic fields is described. The apparatus was used to measure the

Femtosecond room-temperature measurement of the electron-phonon coupling constant gamma in metallic superconductors.

We report the first systematic femtosecond pump-probe measurements of the electron-phonon coupling constant {lambda} in thin films of Cu, Au, Cr, Ti, W, Nb, V, Pb, NbN, and V{sub 3}Ga. The agreement

Electrodynamics Of Continuous Media

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Tables of Integrals, Sums, Series, and Products 6th edn (New York: Academic

  • 2000

Spectral and temporal changes of optical pulses propagating through time-varying linear media.

We present universal formulas for the spectral and temporal output optical fields from a linear traveling-wave medium whose refractive index changes during its propagation within the medium. These