Time-dependent Bragg diffraction and short-pulse reflection by one-dimensional photonic crystals

  title={Time-dependent Bragg diffraction and short-pulse reflection by one-dimensional photonic crystals},
  author={Jean-michel Andr'e and Philippe Jonnard},
  journal={Journal of Optics},
The time-dependence of the Bragg diffraction by one-dimensional photonic crystals and its influence on the short pulse reflection are studied in the framework of the coupled-wave theory. The indicial response of the photonic crystal is calculated and it appears that it presents a time-delay effect with a transient time conditioned by the extinction length. A numerical simulation is presented for a Bragg mirror in the x-ray domain and a pulse envelope modelled by a sine-squared shape. The… 

Time-dependent Bragg diffraction by multilayer gratings

Time-dependent Bragg diffraction by multilayer gratings working by reflection or by transmission is investigated. The study is performed by generalizing the time-dependent coupled-wave theory

Ultra-short and ultra-intense X-ray free-electron laser single pulse in one-dimensional photonic crystals.

The propagation within a one-dimensional photonic crystal of a single ultra-short and ultra-intense pulse delivered by an X-ray free-electron laser is analysed with the framework of the

Analysis of photonic band gaps in metamaterial-based one-dimensional ternary photonic crystals

In the present work, we propose a one-dimensional ternary photonic crystals composed of alternatively stacked dispersive metamaterial layers including double-negative (electric permittivity ε < 0 and



Diffraction of X-ray free-electron laser femtosecond pulses on single crystals in the Bragg and Laue geometry.

  • V. Bushuev
  • Physics
    Journal of synchrotron radiation
  • 2008
A solution of the problem of dynamical diffraction for X-ray pulses with arbitrary dimensions in the Bragg and Laue cases in a crystal of any thickness and asymmetry coefficient of reflection is

Time-Dependent X-ray Bragg Diffraction

The theory of time-dependent X-ray Bragg diffraction by crystals is developed on the basis of the Green-function (point-source) formalism. A general case of incident radiation partially coherent in

Time-space transformation of femtosecond free-electron laser pulses by periodical multilayers.

A low-absorbing ML is a sensitive tool for studying the possible change of sample absorption caused by femtosecond-pulse interaction with matter.

Coupled wave theory for thick hologram gratings

A coupled wave analysis is given of the Bragg diffraction of light by thick hologram gratings, which is analogous to Phariseau's treatment of acoustic gratings and to the “dynamical” theory of X-ray

Dynamical diffraction of ultrashort X-ray free-electron laser pulses

Calculations are presented for the femtosecond time-evolution of intensities of beams diffracted by perfect Bragg crystals illuminated with radiation expected from X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs)

Reflection of few-cycle x-ray pulses by aperiodic multilayer structures

We report on the numerical investigation of the reflection of extremely short (femto-and attosecond) x-ray pulses by multilayer structures (MSs). Periodic and aperiodic MSs are considered. We

Time dependence of Bragg forward scattering and self-seeding of hard x-ray free-electron lasers

Free-electron lasers (FELs) can now generate temporally short, high power x-ray pulses of unprecedented brightness, even though their longitudinal coherence is relatively poor. The longitudinal