Time delay analysis in high speed gate-recessed E-mode InAlN HEMTs

  title={Time delay analysis in high speed gate-recessed E-mode InAlN HEMTs},
  author={Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez and Jia Guo and Ronghua Wang and Jai K. Verma and Guowang Li and Tian Chi Fang and Edward Beam and Andrew Ketterson and Michael L. Schuette and P. Saunier and Xiang Gao and Shiping Guo and Gregory L. Snider and Patrick Fay and Debdeep Jena and Huili Grace Xing},
Delay analysis providing an alternative physical explanation on carrier transport, which may be more applicable to high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) channels with moderate carrier mobilities, has been applied to enhancement-mode (E-mode) and depletion-mode (D-mode) InAlN/AlN/GaN HEMTs with comparable fT at room and cryogenic temperatures. It was found that the speed of the E-mode HEMTs with 33-nm long T-gate is dominated by parasitic delays, >40% of the total delay; channel mobility… CONTINUE READING


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Enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN HEMT and MIS-HEMT technology

  • KJ Chen, C. Zhou
  • Phys Status Solidi A ;208:434–8
  • 2011

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