Time-decaying Bloom Filters for data streams with skewed distributions

  title={Time-decaying Bloom Filters for data streams with skewed distributions},
  author={Kai Cheng and Limin Xiang and Mizuho Iwaihara and Haiyan Xu and Mukesh K. Mohania},
  journal={15th International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering: Stream Data Mining and Applications (RIDE-SDMA'05)},
Bloom Filters are space-efficient data structures for membership queries over sets. To enable queries for multiplicities of multi-sets, the bitmap in a Bloom Filter is replaced by an array of counters whose values increment on each occurrence. In a data stream model, however, data items arrive at varying rates and recent occurrences are often regarded as more significant than past ones. In most data stream applications, it is critical to handle this "time-sensitivity". Furthermore, data streams… CONTINUE READING
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