Time course of peroxidase accumulation in sugarcane cultivars in response toColletotrichum falcatum infection

  title={Time course of peroxidase accumulation in sugarcane cultivars in response toColletotrichum falcatum infection},
  author={C. Thirupathiraja and Rasappa Viswanathan and Preethi Padmanaban},
  journal={Sugar Tech},
Peroxidase (PO) activity was assessed in different sugarcane cultivars varying in red rot resistance. Moderately resistant (MR) cultivars showed higher accumulation of PO enzyme in stalk tissues when compared to moderately susceptible (MS) and highly susceptible (HS) cultivars. The rate of increase in enzyme activity was higher after pathogen inoculation in MR cultivars than in MS and HS cultivars. The MR cultivars showed higher enzyme kinetics peak values than other cultivars and the peaks… CONTINUE READING
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