Time course of metabolite and enzyme changes in hypoxic conditions.

  title={Time course of metabolite and enzyme changes in hypoxic conditions.},
  author={G. Horp{\'a}csy and T. Barankay and K. T{\'a}rnoky and S{\'a}ndor I. Nagy and Gabor Petri},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
  volume={33 0},
Tissue hypoxia of shock is often characterized by metabolites of anaerobic glycolysis released into the blood plasma auch as lactic and pyruvic acids and by the so-called “excess lactate” of Huckabee. (Huckabee 1958; Rosenberg et al., 1961; Peretz et al., 1965). Release of lysosomal and cytoplasmic enzymes into the circulation also occurs in hemorrhagic shock. We have shown earlier that their plasma level correlates well with the severity of shock (Gergely et al., 1970; Barankay and Petri 1969… CONTINUE READING

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