Time course of feeding induced by pentobarbital-injections into the rat's VMH

  title={Time course of feeding induced by pentobarbital-injections into the rat's VMH},
  author={Hugo Maes},
  journal={Physiology \& Behavior},
  • H. Maes
  • Published 1 June 1980
  • Biology, Psychology
  • Physiology & Behavior
Stimulatory effect of pentobarbital and some anesthetics on gastric secretion in the continuously perfused stomach in rats under urethane anesthesia.
The present results indicated that some anesthetics could stimulate gastric secretion in the anesthetized rat in contrast to the previously described inhibitory effect in the Shay rat.
An excitatory ventromedial hypothalamus to paraventricular thalamus circuit that suppresses food intake
A neural circuit from VMH to PVT that inhibits food intake is revealed and it is found that activation of SF1 neurons or their projections to the PVT elicits a flavor aversive effect, and selective optogenetic stimulation of ChR2-expressing SF1 projections toThe PVT elicit direct excitatory postsynaptic currents.
Relationship of arousal to circadian anticipatory behavior: ventromedial hypothalamus: one node in a hunger–arousal network
It is proposed that the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus (VMN) is part of the circuitry that controls food anticipation and the neuroanatomical requirements for this circuit are described to illustrate how the VMN is strategically placed and connected to mediate this complex behavioral adaptation.
Deep brain stimulation for obesity in the normal non human primate: A preclinical approach.
It is concluded that stimulating the VMH region throughout an Intraventricular approach might modulate acutely food ingestion and induce a sustained decrease in weight and in fat content in normal non obese human primates.


Effect of ventromedial hypothalamic procaine injections on feeding, lever pressing, and other behavior in rats.
  • R. Larkin
  • Biology, Psychology
    Journal of comparative and physiological psychology
  • 1975
Rats were given bilateral injections of 1-2 mul procaine HCl solution (50 mug/mul) in the region of the ventromedial hypothalamus. Normal-sized meals occurred reliably with a latency of 16-120 sec,
Changes in feeding behavior after intracerebral injections in the rat.
The results suggest that closely adjacent neuronal aggregates (VMH-LHA) may have different metabolic requirements for single compounds, and that the VMH functions in satiety mechanisms for food as well as water intake.
Is satiety mediated by the ventromedial hypothalamus?
  • J. Panksepp
  • Biology, Psychology
    Physiology & behavior
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Behavioural function of the VMH in the rat: An ethological approach
To consider the question whether the VMH has only a specific influence on food intake or plays a more general role in behaviour, 8 male white rats (Wistar strain), implanted with unilateral
Reciprocal changes in feeding behavior produced by intrahypothalamic chemical injections.
  • A. N. Epstein
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The American journal of physiology
  • 1960
Feeding behavior was studied in rats bearing chronic intrahypothalamic cannulas through which small quantities of chemical substances could be injected from remote microsyringes. Procaine-HCl injec...