Time and position resolution of high granularity, high counting rate MRPC for the inner zone of the CBM-TOF wall

  title={Time and position resolution of high granularity, high counting rate MRPC for the inner zone of the CBM-TOF wall},
  author={Mariana Petriş and D. Bartoş and Gh. Caragheorgheopol and I. M. Deppner and J. Fr{\"u}hauf and Norbert Herrmann and Mladen Kis and Pierre Andre Loizeau and Mihai A. Petrovici and Laura Radulescu and Victor Simion and Christian Simon},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
  pages={C09009 - C09009}
Multi-gap RPC prototypes with a multi-strip-electrode readout were developed for the small polar angle region of the CBM-TOF subdetector, the most demanding zone in terms of granularity and counting rate. The prototypes are based on using low resistivity (∼ 1010 Ω·cm) glass electrodes for performing in high counting rate environment. The strip width/pitch size was chosen such to fulfill the impedance matching with the front-end electronics and the granularity requirements of the innermost zone… 
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