Time and Space in Composition Studies: "Through the Gates of the Chronotope"

  title={Time and Space in Composition Studies: "Through the Gates of the Chronotope"},
  author={Deborah Mutnick},
  journal={Rhetoric Review},
  pages={41 - 57}
The difficulty of resolving the contradiction between personal and academic writing, experience and analysis, and local and global phenomena resides in deeper binary oppositions that continue to haunt us. Time and space, history and structure, are the larger frameworks in which we operate. Understanding the dialectical relationships of these coordinates illuminates the material and social processes of the production of culture, language, and history, suggesting a theoretical perspective based… 
MAPPING NONFICTION NARRATIVE: Towards a new theoretical approach to analysing literary journalism
III academy.’ Although the interpretive methodology used in this thesis is textual analysis, this thesis makes use of Anabela Carvalho’s critical discourse analysis, developed for close readings of
Historical poetics: revisiting gender in Isabella bird’s polychronotopic account of Malaya
This paper investigates the representation of time and space in Isabella Bird’s The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither (1883), her travel narrative on Malaya, through a Bakhtinian discussion of
Chronotopes: Forms of Time in Rhetorical Argument
It is argued that dominant frameworks for understanding biotechnology - space-time compression and substantial equivalence - overshadow alternative understandings based on the precautionary principle or life cycles.
Anticipating the Audience: An Ethnographic Study of a French-as-a-Foreign-Language Class Creative Writing Project Compared with Case Studies in Native Language Composition
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Claude Mark Hurlbert Dissertation Committee Members: Dr. Lilia Savova Dr. Michael M. Williamson
What is writing? Student practices and perspectives on the technologies of literacy in college composition
What Is Writing? Student Practices and Perspectives on the Technologies of Literacy in College Composition. (August 2010) Sarah Catherine Spring, B.A., University of Central Arkansas; M.A., Texas A&M
Navigation and Negotiation: Examining the Ecology of Service-Learning Composition Courses
Navigation and Negotiation: Examining the Ecology of Service-Learning Composition Courses
The Rhetoric of Chronicity
Special Issue Editors' Introduction, Rhetoric of Chronicity 
The burning tower: Grenfell as the ‘optical machinery’
The burnt frame of Grenfell is a site of sacrificed lives. Employing the imagery of the charred remains of the burnt-out tower as an ‘optical machinery’, this paper examines the iconography of the ...


A Pedagogy of Possibility: Bakhtinian Perspectives on Composition Studies
The author reconceives composition studies from a Bakhtinian perspective, focusing on both the discipline's theoretical assumptions and its pedagogies. Halasek explores the implications of Bakhtin's
Bakhtin's "Rough Draft": Toward a Philosophy of the Act, Ethics, and Composition Studies1
Helen Rothschild Ewald's 1993 essay, "Waiting for Answerability: Bakhtin and Composition Studies," attempts to consolidate and redirect nearly a decade's appropriation of Bakhtin's work in
Dialogism: Bakhtin and His World
Mikhail Bakhtin's ideas - on the dialogic nature of language, the carnivalesque, the nature of the novel, outsideness and answerability - have gained currency in literary studies, anthropology,
Fires in the mirror : Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities
O of the celebrated theater events of 1992, Fires in the Mirror emerged from Anna Deavere Smith's oral history project in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a neighborhood where Hasidic Jews, African
Waiting for Answerability: Bakhtin and Composition Studies.
the impoverished nature of the act itself, but also by Pozzo's continuing cries for help in the background which are alternately discussed and ignored by the pair. Vladimir and Estragon continue
Classroom spaces and writing instruction
This work calls attention to the ways that teachers of writing must attend to the idea of the classroom, must be conscious of the spaces in which they meet students and must be aware of the physical,
Toward a National Public Policy on Language.
Darlene tryin to teach me how to talk. . . . Every time I say something the way I say it, she correct me until I say it some other way. Pretty soon it feel like I can't think. My mind run up on a
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The next hundred years of Mikhail Bakhtin (the view from the classroom)
All his life, Mikhail Bakhtin wanted to be known as a moral philosopher. But the strange history of his life in print-both in Soviet Russia and abroaddictated that the first would appear last.1