Time Series Segmentation for Context Recognition in Mobile Devices

  title={Time Series Segmentation for Context Recognition in Mobile Devices},
  author={Johan Himberg and Kalle Korpiaho and Heikki Mannila and Johanna Tikanm{\"a}ki and Hannu Toivonen},
Recognizing the context of useis important in making mobiledevicesas simpleto useas possible. Finding out whattheuser’ssituationis canhelpthedeviceandunderlying servicein providing an adaptiveandpersonalizeduser interface. Thedevice can infer parts of the context of the userfrom sensordata: the mobiledevicecan includesensors for acceleration,noiselevel, luminosity, humidity, etc. In this paperwe considercontext recognition by unsuper visedsegmentationof timeseriesproducedbysensor s… CONTINUE READING

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