Time Reversal for elastic scatterer location from Acoustic Recording

  title={Time Reversal for elastic scatterer location from Acoustic Recording},
  author={Franck Assous and Moshe Lin},
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Target-detection and localization in multilayered media through mixed TR–RTM method

The problem of target detection and localization in layered media can be solved by the mixed TR–RTM. The highlight of this paper is on multilayer media, where the target is harder to detect than in



Time reversal for obstacle location in elastodynamics from acoustic recording

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Time reversal is a powerful procedure in application fields involving wave propagation. It is based on the invariance of the wave equations, in the absence of dissipation, in the time direction. This

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Super-resolution in time-reversal acoustics.

The phenomenon of super-resolution in time-reversal acoustics is analyzed theoretically and with numerical simulations and numerical simulations confirm the theory.