Time Resolved Spectroscopy of SGR J1550-5418 Bursts Detected with Fermi/Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor

  title={Time Resolved Spectroscopy of SGR J1550-5418 Bursts Detected with Fermi/Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor},
  author={G. Younes and C. Kouveliotou and A. Horst and M. Baring and J. Granot and A. Watts and P. Bhat and A. Collazzi and N. Gehrels and N. Gorgone and E. Goğuş and D. Gruber and S. Grunblatt and D. Huppenkothen and Y. Kaneko and A. Kienlin and M. V. D. Klis and L. Lin and J. Mcenery and T. V. Putten and R. Wijers},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • G. Younes, C. Kouveliotou, +18 authors R. Wijers
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • We report on a time-resolved spectroscopy of the 63 brightest bursts of SGR J1550–5418, detected with the Fermi/Gamma-ray Burst Monitor during its 2008-2009 intense bursting episode. We performed spectral analysis down to 4 ms timescales to characterize the spectral evolution of the bursts. Using a Comptonized model, we find that the peak energy, E peak, anti-correlates with flux, while the low-energy photon index remains constant at ~ – 0.8 up to a flux limit F 10–5 erg s–1 cm–2. Above this… CONTINUE READING
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