Time-Periodic Stiffness Modulation in Elastic Metamaterials for Selective Wave Filtering: Theory and Experiment.

  title={Time-Periodic Stiffness Modulation in Elastic Metamaterials for Selective Wave Filtering: Theory and Experiment.},
  author={G. Trainiti and Yiwei Xia and J. Marconi and Gabriele Cazzulani and Alper Erturk and Massimo Ruzzene},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={122 12},
Elastic waveguides with time-modulated stiffness feature a frequency-periodic dispersion spectrum, where branches merge at multiple integers of half the modulation frequency and over a finite wave number range. In this range, frequency becomes complex, with its real part remaining constant. The vanishing group velocity associated with these flat bands leads to frequency-selective reflection at an interface between a nonmodulated medium and a time-modulated one, which converts a broadband input… 

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