Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff Attacks against Small-State Stream Ciphers

  title={Time-Memory-Data Tradeoff Attacks against Small-State Stream Ciphers},
  author={Matthias Hamann and Matthias Krause and Willi Meier and Bin Zhang},
  journal={IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive},
Time-memory-data (TMD) tradeoff attacks limit the security level of many classical stream ciphers (like E0, A5/1, Trivium, Grain) to 2 n, where n denotes the inner state length of the underlying keystream generator. This implies that to withstand TMD tradeoff attacks, the state size should be at least double the key size. In 2015, Armknecht and Mikhalev introduced a new line of research, which pursues the goal of reducing the inner state size of lightweight stream ciphers below this boundary by… CONTINUE READING