Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields

  title={Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields},
  author={Roger F. Harrington},
Foreword to the Revised Edition. Preface. Fundamental Concepts. Introduction to Waves. Some Theorems and Concepts. Plane Wave Functions. Cylindrical Wave Functions. Spherical Wave Functions. Perturbational and Variational Techniques. Microwave Networks. Appendix A: Vector Analysis. Appendix B: Complex Permittivities. Appendix C: Fourier Series and Integrals. Appendix D: Bessel Functions. Appendix E: Legendre Functions. Bibliography. Index. 

On plane-wave expansions of cylindrical waves

  • Zhongxiang ShenY. Tao
  • Physics, Mathematics
    2010 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium
  • 2010
Wave transformations are often invoked in many waveguide discontinuity and electromagnetic scattering problems when different coordinate systems are employed to describe various waveguide

Transient electromagnetic plane wave reflection from a dielectric slab

Reflection of a transient plane wave normally incident upon a lossless dielectric slab is analyzed via the Fourier transform. The exact expression for the time-harmonic field is used in the inverse

The application of the wave potential functions to the analysts of transient electromagnetic fields

  • N. GeorgievaY. Rickard
  • Physics, Geology
    2000 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (Cat. No.00CH37017)
  • 2000
The time-domain theory of the wave potential functions is applied to the analysis of transient electromagnetic field propagation for the first time. The field is represented in terms of two scalar

Non-Transverse Electromagnetic Waves with Parallel Electric and Magnetic Fields

Maxwell's equations are transformed into a new set of equations for the general class of electromagnetic waves with parallel electric ( E ) and magnetic ( H ) fields in free space. From these

Cylindrical waves in the dielectric slab

In this paper a theoretical approach to electromagnetic field distribution in a dielectric slab is discussed. Electrodynamical formulation of the problem involves Hertzian potentials. The

Analysis of finite dielectric bodies in a plane-wave field

A new theoretical solution for studying the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by finite dielectric bodies is described. It combines the analytical eigenfunction-expansion method with a single

Relations between cylindrical and spherical vector wavefunctions

By comparing the expansions of the plane wave in terms of cylindrical and spherical vector wavefunctions, a simple method of expressing cylindrical vector wavefunctions in terms of spherical vector

Spatial-correlation functions of fields and energy density in a reverberation chamber

A plane-wave integral representation is used to derive spatial-correlation functions for the complex electric and magnetic field components, and the results agree with previously published results