Time Discretizations of Anisotropic Allen–cahn Equations


We consider anisotropic Allen–Cahn equations with interfacial energy induced by an anisotropic surface energy density γ. Assuming that γ is positive, positively homogeneous of degree one, strictly convex in tangential directions to the unit sphere, and sufficiently smooth, we show stability of various time discretizations. In particular, we consider a fully implicit and a linearized time discretization of the interfacial energy combined with implicit and semi-implicit time discretizations of the double-well potential. In the semi-implicit variant, concave terms are taken explicitly. The arising discrete spatial problems are solved by globally convergent truncated nonsmooth Newton multigrid methods. Numerical experiments show the accuracy of the different discretizations. We also illustrate that pinch-off under anisotropic mean curvature flow is no longer frame invariant, but depends on the orientation of the initial configuration.

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