Time Discretization Schemes for Poincaré Waves in Finite-Element Shallow-Water Models


The finite-element spatial discretization of the linear shallow-water equations is examined in the context of several temporal discretization schemes. Three finite-element pairs are considered, namely, the P0 − P1, PNC 1 − P1, and RT0 − P0 schemes, and the backward and forward Euler, Crank–Nicolson, and second and third order Adams–Bashforth time stepping… (More)
DOI: 10.1137/090779413


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@article{Roux2011TimeDS, title={Time Discretization Schemes for Poincar{\'e} Waves in Finite-Element Shallow-Water Models}, author={Daniel Y. Le Roux and Michel Dieme and Abdou S{\`e}ne}, journal={SIAM J. Scientific Computing}, year={2011}, volume={33}, pages={2217-2246} }